Soccer Tours - Cost

Please note that our tours are customized so that there is no standard price.

Tour prices are generally dependent on features like group size, tour duration, accommodation and the amount of matches, training sessions, sightseeing etc.

Payments for tour packages will have to be in Euro (an exception may be the flight).
Usually the tour price will be offered per person but we will manage our billing on a per team basis. This means that we invoice a single contact (most often the coach or a team leader) for the entire amount due.
Usually there will be two or three payments. We can discuss the process individually and agree on a solution that works for you and us.
Payments should be made as bank wire transfer. Credit card payments can be accepted, but will increase the cost due to the surcharge from the credit card companies.

Our tour packages normally include:

- Accommodation and meal arrangements
- Juice and water for meals, tea and coffee for breakfast
- All soccer arrangements (matches, training outdoor/indoor, fields, referees etc.)
- Use of fitness area
- Use of laundry room for uniforms and training wear (private clothes excluded)
- Bottled water and ice for trainings and matches
- Airport and motor coach transfer
- Sightseeing
- Tour guide

- Discount: Head coach or group leader goes for free! (This may not apply for airfare.)

Additional expenses can be all personal expenses, additional on-site arrangements, train tickets or optional activities.

Remember: All tours will be individually customized according to your wishes.

Contact us by email or by phone to work out the best soccer tour for you. After knowing all the ingredients you will get a quote from us. Upon agreement you will get an official offer and contract.

Please, don't hesitate to contact us for any questions you have.