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Ground Transportation:

Airport shuttle service and all your trips to matches, sightseeing and every other destination will be planned and organized for you. You can simply sit back comfortably and enjoy.
For most of the transports we will use conveniently equipped and air-conditioned motor coaches with professional drivers. Sometimes, however, it makes sense to take a train or public transportation in order to enjoy the scenery better or to be more flexible. This will be arranged for you, as well.





Airfare usually goes separately from the tour package. We will discuss with you the possibilities for airfare and find the best solution.
You are welcome to cover and book your airfare on your own, which can often be a good solution because we know that especially university teams often can get very good rates with certain airlines. Also, booking flights to Europe from the U.S. is generally cheaper than booking them from Europe. However, we can also work out a flight for you and book it if this would be your preference.